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I’m Marina Bakker, internationally-recognised Corporate Educator, Business Coach and Speaker. My mission is to help YOU transform your current level of Business and Career reality into achieving business goals and leadership, with passion, purpose and motivation. My specialised Accelerate Me Professional Development Services and  Coaching Programs will develop and move you to a new level of self-confidence or improve self-confidence and productivity. This is achieved through my strategic interventions founded on brain science and emotional strength and intelligence.

Through my own achievements in both my business and professional life, I have been able to access my “BEST” by knowing and utilising my inner assets and resources. In the end, it is the people we touch, the relationships we build, and the contribution we make that give our lives meaning and propels us forward with passion and purpose. Living life any other way becomes tiresome and we soon find ourselves depleted of energy.

Let me help you build a life of meaning through PURPOSE, CONTRIBUTION, and INFLUENCE as a leader in your business, professional and personal life. These are three key areas that I explore with my clients and in my seminars. When I am working with others, nothing is surface-level.  My services provide my clients with the opportunity to dig deeper into their ultimate desire for lasting change and significance in all career and business activities, and to plan what will help turn their professional and business goals into reality. I provide people with the professional and business strategies tools to stop negative cycles and to move forward with a business and career plan to influence their desired outcome.  My services are designed to propel people towards their goals that both frighten and excite them.

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